Our Industries

OnCore is focused exclusively on the unique IT needs of State and Local Government clients. We have extensive experience delivering solutions to the following sub domains:

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Pension Solutions


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Health and Human Services

Child Support Solutions CCSAS

The  CCSAS project was the largest information technology (IT) project ever undertaken by the State of California, peaking with over 300 consulting staff and over 300 client counterparts and carrying a contract value of more than $800 million over 8 years. The scope of the project included designing, developing, implementing, and integrating county systems into a single state-of-the-art California Child Support Enforcement system in order to meet Federal Certification Requirements mandating a single CSE system per state. Now fully implemented, the system manages over 1.6 million child support cases and supports more than 10,000 child support enforcement caseworkers in collecting approximately $3 Billion per year for California children.  

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Revenue and Taxation

California Franchise Tax Board - Enterprise. Data. Revenue! (EDR)

The Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) Project is a 5-year, $400 million project and the first of several projects described in FTB’s IT Strategic Plan to modernize FTB’s tax systems. The EDR Project reengineers and provides a new return processing system, an enterprise data warehouse, and a taxpayer folder to access the data and other services to taxpayers and customers.  The project objective is to narrow the tax gap with the main source of funding for the project coming from increased tax revenue benefits.  FTB expects the EDR Project to provide benefits of $4.7 billion over the life of the project at a one-time cost of about $670 million. The project is deliberately structured so that increased revenues pay for project costs in each year. Once the project is completed, FTB estimates the ongoing benefits at nearly $1 billion annually.
OnCore played a pivotal role in the successful completion of EDR fulfilling the following roles and responsibilities:
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