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Software Architecture and Design

OnCore Software Architects have years of real world experience, designing enterprise class solutions.  Using established industry standards, OnCore SA's have designed and built some of the largest IT systems in California.  

What is Software Architecture and why is it important?   Software Architecture is the guide or blue print that defines the components of a software solution and how they interact with each other and outside entities.  A sound architecture provides the software foundation and documentation from which all other pieces of the solution are constructed.  

A Software Architect is the master mind behind the solution and defines the components, documentation, and guidelines for the Software Architecture and provides the oversight and guidance needed to ensure the final solution adheres to the architecture plan.  At OnCore we strongly believe the Software Architect is a mentor and guide who provides the necessary technical leadership to achieve the final result.  As such, OnCore's Software Architects are not only strong technically, but are strong leaders, facilitators, coaches, and consultants.